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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about the scathing Rotten Tomatoes rating for the Disney+ Fauci documentary, NBA player Kyrie Irving pushing back against sports vaccine mandates, and a frightening video compilation that shows the type of discrimination that is coming for the unvaccinated. First, Dave discusses the gap between elite critics and the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes for the new Anthony Fauci documentary. Is this sign of how much his influence has waned? Fauci also gives his latest on who should go out trick-or-treating on this COVID Halloween and his unwillingness to say when the vaccinated no longer need to wear masks inside. Next, Dave discusses how the Brooklyn Nets are banning Kyrie Irving from playing until he submits to the vaccine mandate. Meanwhile Texas Governor Greg Abbott has barred any COVID-19 vaccine mandates from being implemented in the state of Texas. Finally, Dave shares a creepy compilation of how authoritarianism is being normalized by people like CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo as well as public health experts like Anthony Fauci and Dr. Leana Wen. They are all demanding discrimination against the unvaccinated. They recommend preventing the unvaccinated from being able to work or even travel via plane or bus to see their family members. Will proof of vaccination create vaccine apartheid as political divisions are worsened?

Reporting on Biden’s Vaccine Mandate:

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  • The propaganda hoisted upon the world basically since covid began is on a level we have never seen before. We have a 24 hour news cycle and when it comes to the vaccine, media from the left and right are pushing the same fear porn. It never stops. I can only imagine the fear someone feels who only listens to mainstream news and believes it all to be completely true. I have never been anti vax. I have been getting flu shots regularly since 1999, which was also the last time I ever had influenza or even a cold. I am 62 and I am cancer free for two years. With the cancer behind me I know my immune system is pretty good. I have done a lot of research and I have listened to many doctors and scientists who have a different view of this mRNA treatment for covid. Also because it is still basically being tested on the public there are things that will only be known after time goes by. I have lost all respect for Dr. Fauci who is a liar. However he is only one of many liars in this whole crazy globalist conspiracy. Yes Conspiracy. I believe there are many people conspiring against us the public with pushing us to get this treatment shot.. If this so called vaccine was so safe and great there would be no reason to hide all the data and information they are hiding. Fauci is hiding and the drug companies are hiding info. There are many vaccine injuries and deaths showing up and they are covering the numbers up. I take Vit D, C, Zinc, and Quercetin. Dr. Zelenko recommends this and after listening to him on several interviews I have faith this brilliant man knows what he is talking about.

  • These morons dont understand, that getting the disease is actually better than a vax. If this kills you, it was your time. This is life. Natural selection still applies. Sorry.

  • The Redux that get's made AFTER Fauci's enditement (coming soon) and the multiple life sentances this douchbag is going to be convicted of will be a scorcher….

  • What a dog and pony show this so called administration is. And the media…. their NUTS . Anyone who agrees with them don’t have a brain.

  • 35:00 "How did you feel?"
    I FEEL like those claiming authority are holding on by their fingernails praying Normal People don't say 'no'. Their authority is tissue-paper thin, and they know it.

  • Perhaps we should focus on the covid medical diagnostic protocols. The official numbers include …. how many who died WITH covid or while positive, but NOT by covid? ALL of the doctors I follow on the Internet support getting the vaccine because it's safe and good for the one getting it. On the backside: Not one doctor says it's necessary. The political left wing says it's necessary.

  • Irving needs support, needs management and people with power to back him m and promote him. Start your own league, it won’t be worse then the NBA, that’s for sure!

  • Is he the highest paid government employee, to Spew out this propaganda and misleading information???
    And that doesn't include any profits from xxx !!!
    I feel not enough attention has been focused on these issues.
    I also wonder if this documentary is a payoff , just like hunter is an artist. Lol

  • REIMAGINE: So, when the vax wanes in 3-6 months…the vaxxed then become enemies of the state…right……no more special privileges…right…….super spreaders…right…….they'll be killing people…right…lock 'em up…right……..they won't be able to see their families…right…….no more eating out…right…… How long ago were these righteous reporters vaxxed? Show us your vax passport date.🤔🍿

  • Even more telling of our ongoing red hot culture war when 92% of critics rave about the man and film, while only 2% of average viewers could stomach it. The elites v. the rest of us. Some things never change.

  • He has children …he is to old to have young children…and what is more we need to see the whites of his eyes…….never trust somebody when you can’t see their eyes …Why do people listen to this man….Who the hell is he anyway ????GOD HELP YOU AMERICA….

  • It's funny cuz I had to go on an airplane a day after eating an old desert I thought was safe but gave me a sore throat and I would cough from the dry air in the plane and everyone began freaking out about covid


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