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Are we facing a golden digital age or will robots soon run the world? We need to establish ethical standards in dealing with artificial intelligence – and to answer the question: What still makes us as human beings unique?

Mankind is still decades away from self-learning machines that are as intelligent as humans. But already today, chatbots, robots, digital assistants and other artificially intelligent entities exist that can emulate certain human abilities. Scientists and AI experts agree that we are in a race against time: we need to establish ethical guidelines before technology catches up with us. While AI Professor Jürgen Schmidhuber predicts artificial intelligence will be able to control robotic factories in space, the Swedish-American physicist Max Tegmark warns against a totalitarian AI surveillance state, and the philosopher Thomas Metzinger predicts a deadly AI arms race. But Metzinger also believes that Europe in particular can play a pioneering role on the threshold of this new era: creating a binding international code of ethics.

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  • Artificial intelligence makes perfect climate change. Do you think ? Do we need this product in our lives . Why this scientists are wasting money? These scientists are looks like ventriloquist. . Don’t waste taxpayers money Build a house for homeless people.

  • The all powerful surveillance state is the big fear. Either we learn to live with knowing exactly how many times our neigh or jerks off to dog the bounty hunter or society craps out.

  • A I will never beat humans!!!!! very simple reason: We feed the information and we programs, A I will work faster than humans for sure but according to the data that humans feed. It can abuse humans if used wrong. A I cannot go further without humans, doctors…etc….

  • So if A.I. give this woman a diagnosis in 10 min that saved her life when no doctor could do this for her then may I ask WHY THE F*** DO WE STILL HAVE MONEY MILKING DOCTORS? YES yes I do want to be treated by a machine. My doctor already is flat with no sense of humor so yes I definitely want AI

  • Not so sure about the emotional aspect of machine intelligence. Humans are essentially electrochemical machines. Computers/robots are/will be essentially electronic only. Emotions such as happiness, sadness, love etc are more the result of chemical imbalances than numerical functions. Difficult as it may be to accept, emotions like anxiety, happiness, mood are the result of levels of the chemical serotonin. Quite how they are going to electronically reproduce that is still a bit of a mystery.

  • No you fools, it wont start a mass destruction war, it's going take all of our jobs and then we will all die hungry and homeless. It's called capitalism!!!!

  • This is one of the most pathetic things I have watched. If these are the kind of people developing and influencing the AI space, then we’re all in deep shit.

  • Who will own AI and what underlying factors will drive its decision making and the service they provide?

    For instance, if AI can replace doctors, is there a risk that AI 'doctor' owned by big pharma companies will give out medical advice focused on drug treatment and not also advice about preventative measures and healthy living too? Would this AI service also give patients prescriptions to buy the (more expensive) drugs that are made by their parent company? What risk is there to public health if this AI doc can undercut real doctors esp if its business model to offer discounted medical advice and make the money back on drug sales?

    Is there a way AI could improve public health by offering advice on prevention and healthy living provided by government and/or health insurance companies?

  • As a patient; yes I rather have a machine. Doctors are too busy to care about individuals these days. At least suffering women won't have to wait an average of 10 yrs to get a correct diagnosis. Unless AI absorbs human bias.

    Too many white collar people feel smug it won't be their job because they are thinking automation means blue collar only… but AI is surpassing the abilities of white collar workers quicker than blue.

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