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The Vietnam War began in good faith, by good people with good intentions. But a combination of American overconfidence, Cold War tensions and imperialist tendencies the Americans had previously fought so hard against, made the war in Vietnam one of America’s darkest pages in its short but dense history. By the end of the war, more than 58,000 Americans would die, as too would 250,000 South Vietnamese soldiers. Over 1 million North Vietnamese soldiers and Viet Cong guerillas would also perish as well as over 2 million civilians’ from both the north and the south, and thousands more from Laos and Cambodia.

The Vietnam War brought everything into question. The rationalization of destroying villages in order to save them. America’s morality in the face of My Lai. The meaning of free-fire zones, shooting anything that moved as soldiers placed a cheapness on the lives of civilians. The falsification of body counts to increase kill death ratios. The unimportance of battle as men charged up hills because their generals told them too and after losing one platoon or two platoons they marched away to leave the hill for the enemy. Pride allowed the most unimportant battles to be blown into extravaganzas because America couldn’t lose, and she couldn’t retreat and because it didn’t matter how many lives were lost to prove that point.

Time Stamps 📽

Introduction 0:00
French Colonial Rule 1:32
Dien Bien Phu 5:30
A New Nation 6:42
JFK 7:55
Operation Rolling Thunder 10:35
Into The Jungle 13:45
The Tet Offensive 16:31
Trust is Broken 18:27
Richard Nixon 19:40
Vietnamization 21:38
Things Fall Apart 23:19
The Fall of Saigon 24:46
The Vietnam War 26:02
Epilogue 27:14

All the information in this video came from the 10-part television series “The Vietnam War” by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.

Ending song:

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The Life Guide is a channel dedicated to providing interesting and educational content about a range of political, philosophical, economic and historical topics. Whether you are interested in a simplified explanation of complicated modern ideas or detailed information on ancient civilizations and philosophical schools of thought, The Life Guide is the channel for you.

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  • Thanks for watching! 😊Remember to Like & Subscribe if you enjoyed the video. TIME STAMPS can be found below. All the information in this video came from the 10-part television series The Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick The final song is called Fade Away by Red Meadow.
    Time Stamps 📽
    Introduction 0:35
    French Colonial Rule
    Dien Bien Phu
    A New Nation
    JFK 7:55
    Operation Rolling Thunder 10:35
    Into The Jungle
    The Tet Offensive
    Trust is Broken
    Richard Nixon
    Things Fall Apart
    The Fall of Saigon
    The Vietnam War
    Epilogue 27:14

  • This is such I great video I've watched it 5 times already. Your voice is amazing. When you say a budist monk becomes a motor on repeat It always gives me chills at that part. Props to you man

  • So, American intervention was not well received in Vietnam/Afghanistan. We pulled out, Weapons suppliers profited, politicians satisfied corporations and the poor Americans paid for it in blood in the name of Democracy.

  • America has always try to Fuck other but as a result it fucked by them. What they have achieved till now is to kill enormous civilians and it's own military personals . It's has not got a lesson from history that war is not the solution of every thing. They showed imaginary world to the world and then do what they want. But still these bitter and humiliating lessons have done nothing to them. Now it's seem to make chaos in south China sea. Aukus and Quads is the clear image of it. Let's who fuck them next…. 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • communism is dead and became socialism… the only remaining active communist is still in the Philippines and supported by the Oligarchs and funded by their own Political Partylist. They are already very insignificant and a nuisance of the society but they are still noisy as they control most part of mainstream media.. They still dont want to accept that communism is a failed experiment.. Even China went to Capitalism – Communism

  • US is just like Judas! Wherever they go, innocents end up being killed. The one's they're supposed to fight, they never do. Apart from a few Presidents, the people of US have always elected assholes to run it's highest office.

  • Still until these days….. Many many people are Clueless….
    Vietnam couldn't have Won the Vietnam war against the US
    Without Khmer King helped…. that's facts….
    …… Because of their lies and Decieptions to Khmer King

  • My uncle Reuben Davis went to fight in this war and returned, but was never the same. This war was a disgrace to American history. RIP to the brave men and women that died. 🇺🇸 🇻🇳

  • Appalling description up above: "The Vietnam War began in good fath…" lol read a book please. This is why the net is full of mis-info. Idiotic messages like this.

  • This presentation sadly and shamefully includes opinions it should not, if it intends to serve lessons from history. "imperialist tendencies", for what, an endless supply of rubber or rice? Give me a break. The United States stood to gain NOTHING from [colonizing] Vietnam, just like it stood to gain nothing from maintaining a stalemate on the Korean Peninsula, other than stopping the enslavement communism creates. To portray Vietnamization as a failure prior to U.S. congressional abandonment of it? The ARVN became a good fighting force, none of which are ever perfect. What about the success of, the almost entirely South Vietnamese program of Pacification? M16s that seemingly jammed and were never improved to become the best rifle of U.S. Military history? Not even a mention of the civilian lives saved with the advent of laser guided munitions during the Christmas Bombing? Just citing the civilian casualty count with no comparison to previous wars is highly irresponsible. To treat the massive defeat of the NVA that eventually occurred in 1972 as if it did not dramatically motivate Soviet-Sino backers to pressure the North back to settle for peace because a military solution was no longer viable to them? To not even mention how defenseless Hanoi had become in order to force the communists back to Paris? The North did not even bother to repair their rail systems then because our pilots had destroyed so much of it. Nearly all the Soviet tanks were destroyed! The Vietcong had been truly decimated long before the Easter Offensive and the VC was not even favored by the communists, they just opposed the governments of S. Vietnam. Presentations like this are really a crime of journalism and revisionist historians. This presentation should be corrected and all opinions should be just left out. Trust your audience to deal with the facts of this war, and present them fairly. It's time to honor our Vietnam Veterans with the accurate history of their service, rather than painting them as My Lai perpetrators or victims or some 'mistake'. Not only had our Vets won that war prior to 1973, many MANY Vietnam Vets came home to escort the USA into prosperity and innovation 15+ years later. I served with a few of them in the early 1980s and they deserve MUCH better than this presentation offers.

  • So that nasty old president went batshit with the secret bombs and sent in troops so he didn't look weak? There is a funeral process going on in front of my home for some catholic priest kapin guy who is up for sainthood. He was in the Vietnam war somehow and I'm here trying to sort out what America was doing..

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