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Existing before humans, dinosaurs, or even trees, sharks are some of the oldest creatures on our planet. Ocean Ramsey is known as The Shark Whisperer, and she’s working hard to save endangered sharks from extinction. Whilst there are over 480 species of shark, the most well known – and feared – is the Great White Shark. However with an average of 7 humans a year killed by sharks, and 70 – 100 million sharks per year killed by humans, even the Great White is now listed as Vulnerable.

Saving Jaws is a documentary all about the brilliant sharks in our oceans. Ocean Ramsey attributes her unparalleled connection with sharks to over a decade of research, but many are convinced it is something more… The media has dubbed her “The Shark Whisperer”. Battling a looming extinction, Ocean and her team of marine biologists will travel the globe for 12 months, conducting research and expanding their conservation efforts. From renowned scientists and PHDs, to elite athletes and celebrities, “The Shark Whisperer” will lead humans from all walks of life out of their element and into the deep… free-diving with some of the worlds most dangerous sharks. Her goal: To give the world the opportunity to see sharks the way she does.

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