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Alice lives in the “House In-between” which is known for its very strange paranormal activity. Located in a small Christian town in Florence, Texas this was broadcasted on the news and is no hoax! In this documentary, we see live footage of the unusual activities in this home. The doorbell to the house would ring when nobody was there, things would fall over, strange noises would appear from nowhere, and the front door would fly open. After this unusual behavior continued Alice didn’t feel safe staying in her home and sought further help to find out why, who and how her house was displaying paranormal activity.

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  • When my husband would leave for work ( night shift) I'd run straight up into our bedroom and lock the door…until my mom reminded me that a locked door wouldn't stop a ghost! Thanks mom….. But it was kinda like a security blanket to me lol!

  • The evil person cannot go into the light or even rest until the body is found and the story brought to light.
    Then you can pray to God and place the spirit in his hands.

  • Would have liked to know the layout of the house and the land area… Is that a creek in the back?? Also, history of the land and former owners would be interesting. Besides that it's well done with excellent cinematography. Had me on the edge of my seat😏 Thank you!!

  • Being a Christian myself, I dont understand how anyone with faith wouldn't believe on ghosts or spirits. I mean part of god is a "holy spirit", they believe in angels and demons, and believe that we can still communicate and feel our passed loved ones presence around us. If that's not "ghosts" then what is?
    I feel like the paranormal is a part of christianity or faith in religion.

  • After seeing a ghost walking or more like hovering down an alley that runs along a creek in PA 20 years ago I definitely believe in ghosts. He was dressed from around the 1880s. When he turned to look at the 3 of us he had no face it was just a distorted kind of blur. Since then my friend and I call it the shadow man. I'll never forget that night. It was quite scary. I've seen and felt strange things before and since then but nothing ever as clear as that.

  • I don’t think they are teaching the spirits, the spirits are teaching them.
    You can see so many orbs.17:07 at the bottom of the stairs after the ball falls you can see a ball of light move to the left.

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