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I am not the owner of this video, just sharing it to help spread the message.

Now a new book, titled “The Fluoride Deception” by Christopher Bryson examines the background of the fluoridation debate. According to Bryson, research challenging fluoride’s safety was either suppressed or not conducted in the first place. He says fluoridation is a triumph not of medical science but of US government spin.

Remove Fluoride with filter systems from


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  • The earth is flat! The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you don't know about yet refuse to investigate. Several of noobs just get the model wrong, and it's a cause of cognitive dissonance. Look it up.

  • I'm curious if anyone can illustrate the causal mechanism through which fluoride causes harm, and the exposure levels at which these health effects occure.
    All I've ever seen from fluoridation opponents are quote mines, anecdotes, and bad logic. I was opposed to fluoridation for years, then had to change my mind as I learned how to work in a lab.
    This documentary is ALL BS, and bs stands for "bad science"

  • From 12:50 to 13:38, but water supply and nuclear weapons are totally different. How can they say they're not allowed to develop nuclear weapons because fluoride is toxic? That makes no sense. Why can't they separate the classification of the use of substances for different uses?

  • Too bad they confused fluorine gas with fluoride at one moment, which is not the same. Fluoride gas is not in your toothpaste. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the story is all true. People are capable of doing sick things for $$$$$$

  • This is just a tip of an iceberg. They spray aluminum in chemtrails. Did you know that fluoride is also a prominent ingredient in Prozac&other phych meds? Dumbing down the world….

  • It's not only fluoride but all aluminium by product we ingest. Baco foil, pans, even cheeseburgers have aluminium in. Anything with anti cacking agent…

  • 'The Fluoride Deception' is an eye opening and amazingly well researched book. I could hardly believe the disregard that fluoridation antagonists such as the U.S. Military, Government and various Industrial corporations and crooked medical and scientific 'experts' have shown for the public's health and wellbeing. Everyone should read this book, especially if you live in an area where the water supply is fluoridated.

  • The ADA needs to be under investigation as the main pusher of Fluoride in our water supply and toothpaste. It was the only organization I called that was VERY defensive when I called them. I only called them to tell them about a good documentary called "The Fluoride Deception"… because they have the proof and the facts to show how toxic fluoride really is. Instead of them saying… "Really'… ok well we will take a 'look' at it. Thanks for the info."

    You would think they would have responded this way… but the total opposite. My call was instead sent to a GOVERNMENT LAWYER!!! (this was really weird because I called the ADA and the secretary told me they were the ADA… and she is the one who switched me over to this LAWER! LAWER?… I thought I would be talking to someone who had an expertise in TEETH!!!… after all it is called The American Dental Association… ADA!!!

    He kept asking me over and over and over again…" Who are you with?" I kept telling him… "No one. I am just a consumer concerned about our health in America". He could have cared less about the film I told him about… and never commented on it… but continued asking me "Who are you with?" He sounded like a rude robot… but was clearly human.

    Well… being the curious person that I am… I then started doing research in who and what the ADA actually does. Mainly… in a nutshell… to keep fluoride flowing in America… in both our public water AND toothpaste… they send 'congratulatory letters' to all businesses and Dentist who use fluoride… even our water districts. Human nature loves to be congratulated… thus why would they even question such a fluoride force in America. After all we have all been told for over 50 years it is good for us.

    I really don't know if tooth paste companies… and public water municipalities… are being paid under the table to continue their fluoride uses… but I do know they are continually being congradulated BY THE ADA for doing so! Hummmm… really makes you think!

    The thing is we have all been made docile due to the fluoride in everything… that to have the where with all to fight such a killing machine is almost impossible.

    Well… if somewhere out there has the where with all to do so… May God truely BLESS YOU and give you the strength to fight this Goliath. I know there are several anti-fluoride grass roots organizations out there. I hope at least one reads my post… and checks out the ADA!


  • tell them to stop the cover ups on poisons in our water and food supply ! this is not the only one. don't forget the countless chemicals and synthetic vitamins (fake) not nature found ingredients but rather lab made chemical vitamins. I think Organic is so expensive because the big corps put many stipulations on the farms who refuse to use poisons on their farms. they use well water mostly so hopefully aren't flouridating our farms wells. Imagine your crops being watered by flouridated water

  • my son got the flouride treatments and used flouride toothpaste and got cavities at 3-4 years old.I decided not to do that in my daughter and she is 5 with NOT a single cavity despite all the soda she drinks.I got the looks for refusing flouride but I asked them about my son vs her and they couldn't explain how my son got a mouth full of cavities at a young age vs my daughter who has none at age 5.We also have a reverse osmosis well water. up until last year no flouride in I'm worried

  • You are correct,which could be one of the reasons coffee with caffeine is such a great idea.

    Get the masses dumber even quicker with an addictive hot beverage with concentrated fluoride.

  • The fluoride point into water is NOT naturally occurring fluoride. It is a compound much more dangerous. Watch "the fluoride deception" on tv natural news dot com.

  • no its science. plain and simple. And conspiracy is having questions. again this is science if you have problem with questions maybe this isnt the field you should be speaking towards.

  • Fluoride is naturally occurring in water supplies anyway, and is the 13th most common element in the Earth's crust, so you really cannot say no to fluoride in any way.

  • There are 3 dumb people here who works for these big corporations…..continue using fluoride and ingesting it into your body by all means…if you want to continue to be dumb walking zombies and have all kinds of ailments plague you now or in the near future…

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