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Join us LIVE tonight at 5pm EST (10pm UK) for our look at and breakdown on the new trailer for S4 of Discovery. Join us LIVE and let us know your thoughts and …


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  • I always shudder when a new series of Discovery starts. I start thinking "what are they going to destroy now"? This series is intellectually and creatively bankrupt – it fails at every way I can measure a show, particularly a Trek show. It is bleak, stupid and adds nothing to Trek – it just burns established parts of Trek lore to the ground. Nothing new is created.

  • I’m really trying hard to keep an open mind with this so I’m trying NOT to over analyze it
    BUT, I’m a little pissed about another ‘overarching’ Galaxy Destroying cataclysmic event
    So far overall I’ve felt that the show has done a good job of listening to us ‘reasonable’ fans (no, not the Fandom Menace Hate Cult!) – and in my circle of reasonable fans – no one liked ‘The Burn’ – for me, it was the only glaring problem with Season 3..,
    I was really hoping the show would return to Classic Trek episodic storytelling
    There’s a reason why all the best Trek has always been episodic – because it works!
    So why do you keep trying to reinvent the wheel when the square one you keep trying to make work instead crashes the bus?
    So for me it was disappointing to see them again attempt one of these – 4th time the charm???
    We will see!

  • The Captain keeps saying the new president of the Federation is Cardassian, Bajoran, and Denobulan – she is not-she is Cardassian, Bajoran and Human. A DS9 product lol

  • What happen to the spore mushroom planet form the first season and why someone else would use it form the tech that doesn't exist but the kilgions and who know what knowledge of the spore drive can be a secret the way starfleet security goes

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