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SIDELIGHTS ON RELATIVITY by ALBERT EINSTEIN – FULL AudioBook 🎧📖 | Greatest🌟AudioBooks – Sidelights on Relativity contains ETHER AND THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY, an address delivered on May 5th, 1920, in the University of Leyden; and GEOMETRY AND EXPERIENCE, an expanded form of an address to the Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin on January 27th, 1921. (Intro from Project Gutenberg)

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Chapter listing and length:

01 Part 1 – Ether and the Theory of Relativity

02 Part 2 – Geometry and Experience

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    E=MC2 IS F=ma, AS time is NECESSARILY possible/potential AND actual IN BALANCE; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. Gravity is ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy. Time DILATION ULTIMATELY proves ON BALANCE that E=mc2 IS F=ma, AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. (Very importantly, outer "space" involves full inertia; AND it is fully invisible AND black.) The stars AND PLANETS are POINTS in the night sky. Gravity AND ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy are linked AND BALANCED opposites, AS gravity/acceleration involves BALANCED inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE; AS E=MC2 IS F=MA; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. ("Mass"/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity.) Accordingly, the rotation of WHAT IS THE MOON matches it's revolution. E=mC2 IS F=mA. This NECESSARILY represents, INVOLVES, AND DESCRIBES what is possible/potential AND actual IN BALANCE. GRAVITATIONAL force/ENERGY IS proportional to (or BALANCED with/as) inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE, AS E=MC2 IS F=ma; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. The sky is blue, AND WHAT IS THE EARTH is ALSO BLUE. THE EARTH/ground AND what is THE SUN are CLEARLY proven to be E=mc2 AND F=ma IN BALANCE, AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. It all CLEARLY makes perfect sense. BALANCE AND completeness go hand in hand. THEREFORE, the MIDDLE DISTANCE SPACE IS the FULL DISTANCE SPACE in balance with what is A POINT; AS E=MC2 IS F=MA; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. Indeed, A PHOTON may be placed at the center of what is THE SUN (as A POINT, of course); AS the reduction of SPACE is offset by (or BALANCED with) the speed of light (c); AS E=MC2 IS F=ma; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. (Energy has/involves GRAVITY, AND ENERGY has/involves inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE.) "Mass"/ENERGY involves BALANCED inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE consistent WITH/as what is balanced electromagnetic/gravitational force/ENERGY, AS E=MC2 IS F=MA; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. Objects fall at the SAME RATE (neglecting air resistance, of course), AS E=MC2 IS F=ma; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. Gravity is ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy. It ALL CLEARLY makes perfect sense. BALANCE AND completeness go hand in hand. Very carefully consider what is THE EYE. Great !!! The ultimate unification (AND UNDERSTANDING) of physics/physical experience combines, BALANCES, AND INCLUDES opposites, AS gravity IS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy. E=MC2 IS F=ma IN BALANCE. INSTANTANEITY is thus FUNDAMENTAL to what is the FULL and proper UNDERSTANDING of physics/physical experience, AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. Very carefully consider THE MAN who IS standing on what is THE EARTH/ground. Gravity is ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy, AS E=MC2 IS F=ma ON BALANCE. Think QUANTUM GRAVITY !!!

    By Frank DiMeglio

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