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  • Over the years, I have known several "sex workers" that actually enjoyed their "profession." They didn't "charge me" because I never expected sex from any of them. All of them really enjoyed going on day long rides on my motorcycle. Visiting cool locations throughout California. Often they paid for everything from gasoline to food to lodging on a two day trip. Very nice intelligent women that controlled their lives and made an excellent living.
    I had no qialms about them servicing their clients. They were very careful about safe sex.

  • We must remember that Stalin and Mao were power-hungry psychopaths and Not Socialists. Real socialism must be democratic–from the ground up, not imposed by tyranny from the top.

  • i thought you where a socialist? why does your banner say to abolish the state? thats a pretty big contradiction no? wouldn't that make you a Communist as communism is where there does not exist a state?

  • I find it strange that a housewife would be considered as a labor deserter. I base this on that women who do housework is actual work. Taking care of the young children, cleaning and painting and yardwork is work. Helping to raise the children does constitute helping society. It took both the man and the woman to make children so it is actually a dual responsibility of both in raising them as best they can.
    I can see the economic situation of prostitution. The material conditions under the present system causes it to be so. Capitalism does a lot of damage to the relationships between men and women. We now see both men and women in the workplace and the children in daycare centers. Some which have proved hostile to the child. So it will take time and patience under socialism for healing to take place. Like she said in her article that the USSR was a long way from communism. How they addressed some issues were controversial and I know we can do better.

  • Yeah sex work is work but not all work is equally exploitative. Being forced to code for a living is not the same as having to have intercourse with a stranger for a living. The latter is called rape.

  • I always wondered the Marxist-Leninist position on erotic art, I see many ML governments ban porn from a cultural perspective like to weed out “degeneracy”.

  • Kollontai is my personal hero. many female socialist leaders are kind of overshadowed by people like Lenin Stalin and Mao. Rosa, Kollontai, Celia Sanchez, The Female fighters of Sendero Luminoso, the NPA, Sandinistas, and Nepal dont really get the recognition they deserve and that makes me kind of sad

  • A lot of radlibs today would've called Kollontai a reactionary for her anti prostitution stance:

    "To us in the workers’ republic it is not important whether a woman sells herself to one man or to many, whether she is classed as a professional prostitute selling her favours to a succession of clients or as a wife selling herself to her husband. All women who avoid work and do not take part in production or in caring for children are liable, on the same basis as prostitutes, to be forced to work. We cannot make a difference between a prostitute and a lawful wife kept by her husband, whoever her husband is – even if he is a “commissar”. It is failure to take part in productive work that is the common thread connecting all labour deserters. The workers’ collective condemns the prostitute not because she gives her body to many men but because, like the legal wife who stays at home, she does no useful work for the society."

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