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Excellent documentary. Original link:


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Ivor Cummins

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  • by 2030…the majority of people ( in english speaking first world countries ) will be mentally ill 🥴….in Australia, Ireland, America it's around 20 to 25 % already

  • My concern is – be cautious of everything,even the messiah ! I would need to know more of the background and character of this documentary maker. Today I am suspicious of everything.

  • Let me blow your mind even more.

    These people are also paying a price that they don't even understand. They are Freemasons, Luciferians, basically devil worshippers. They are beyond saving. They have sacrificed children, sex crimes against kids. They are being blackmailed themselves and are ready to go ahead with their evil agenda of depopulation and giving over souls to the devil in order to rule us.

    That means they know God exists and that he is real. Do you understand. THEY KNOW.


    More than anything this is a battle between God and Satan for your SOUL. IT IS 100% real.

    If you dont believe me watch for the following signals and signs.

    1. Talk about climate change, extreme weather conditions, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes
    2. Volcano and Tsunami happenings especially in regard to Las Palmas
    3. Strange practices from the Catholic Church and the Vatican. Apostacy, Heresy, One world religion, priests leaving, huge doctrinal changes,unrecognisable church as it looks now.
    4. Talk of asteroids and the need to hit asteroids off course, missions to save the planet.
    5. A new drug, vaccine to help repair the current poisonous credit score, administered automatically and used to buy and sell.You will be sold that you need it in order to survive and that you won't be included in society to buy or sell goods with it.
    6. A charismatic new leader who looks as though he is bringing world peace, highly intelligent, clever, who looks to lead us into this new age. He will be the anti christ.
    7. War, eliminating those who resist
    8. God/Jesus wins in the end. They already know the ending and that God wins. There is no escape. The question is how many souls will they hand over to the devil. Mark my words and look after yourselves. Follow the Lord, give yourselves over to him. Have an open heart, confess your sins and pray pray pray. Have faith. Its all you need.

  • Extremely deluded to describe this NWO as “communist”. I can’t comprehend for a moment how the ruling class of capitalists are somehow described as “communist”. Or how Henry Ford – a man who funded Nazi German tanks – is used to conclude the video. It’s absurd. The final vision of everyone living in harmony in nature and nature is more akin to MY definition of communism, at least. But of course, we have to praise the entrepreneurs who exploit other citizens. Perfect. Up until the last 10 minutes of bullshit. You don’t have a name for this idyll you dream of. I’m guessing that would be too ideological? Or maybe you can’t think of a name for it – because “communism”, the idea of people working as a community, or “socialism”, the idea of people working socially, have been too much been besmirched by the liberal woke movement, or the lies of the CIA that it ‘always results in genocide’. Or maybe it’s because the purpose of this video is simply part of the control opposition in order to bring those against the past 18 months in line so that they support war on Russia and China?
    I can only guess. But considering it hasn’t been censored suggests it’s probably not of great concern to the powers that shouldn’t be.

  • Imagine the nerve to say that YOU AND I are responsible for causing pollution, climate change etc from the very people who ate the biggest polluters and have the biggest carbon footprints.

  • Have to wonder if this is not just more propaganda created by the same global elites in order to further divide and conquer us. Why was it released and not taken down on a site like YouTube that is owned and controlled by the very elites it is ostensibly exposing? ………………Just a thought.

  • The world has a timeline. The end of the age where the creation is ruled by the wrong administrator is nearing it's end. These people in this video know the plan they know the 66 books inside out. 2,000 years plus the lifetime of the Redeemer looks like the approximate timeline. This would be around about 2033, that is why their deadlines are shortened and the climate emergency is being used along with all the other agendas, to usher in their kingdom. The WEF kicked this off in their Jubilee Year a time when things are reset. Yes they know the books inside out and realise time is running down, 7 years of their efforts and then 7 years of suffering the mess they have created. Their kingdom come, their will be done on earth. Sounds familiar, doesn't it. The forces we are up against are too powerful as this video actually tells us, and it might be a witness, a voice in the wilderness. There isn't that many views at this moment. You do not need to believe the 66 books to see how they have read them and are in the process of making their version of the film. They are setting the scenes with the technology and science they have been waiting on to enable them to bring to fruition their version and interpretation of the books. So be it.

  • organized crime runs the world. the kay griggs interviews are an invaluable source for what goes on in the military side of this if you want to watch something shocking

  • Funny how people give so much fallacious 'power' to money when you can't create 'true' satisfying emotional success directly from it as a human being while having so much attachment to this wealth as without it many people would probably commit suicide, feel miserable and worthless! Meaning, they are 'no one' without wealth and a 'truly' powerful functional human being can live with very little through much and simply find it a challenge.

  • I dont appreciate the focus on "the few powerful". Their role is exaggerated. What we're witnessing is the moral and intellectual degeneration of the masses. Without their compliance and even their moral and intellectual support this global lunacy would not be possible. Even 30 years ago this mass psychosis would not have come to be.

  • Build back better – the followers of Nimrod the ultimate dictator vowed to rebuild The Tower of Babel if the Lord damaged it with a natural disaster (earthquake etc). Nimrod saw himself as The one world leader – the Bible says this is the antichrist… Mental eh. Look it up. More satanic evil bollocks that is deliberately interwoven with the agendas spouted by the UN, WEF, NATO, BoIS, FED, EU etc etc etc..

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