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~English Subbed~

  • No Copyright Infringement Intended. Only for entertainment & educational viewing purpose. In any worst possible cases, please kindly send me a message, or comment below instead to remove this video instead of reporting to Youtube. Thank you! –

Synopsis: In the remote mountainous region of northern Vietnam, Brian, a tourist, comes in search for a Hmong woman on the behalf of his friend. Along his trip to the Hmong villages, Brian fell ill and fainted on the side of the road. Mai and her niece Cuc stumble upon Brian along the way home. Seeing a tourist fainted on the road, Mai refused to help him because of the thought of her sister’s pasts. Cuc eventually persuaded Mai and they both took him to their home to take care of him.

While Brian stays in Mai’s home, he learns about Mai’s sister’s past from her grandmother. Because of this, Brian was able to understand more of why Mai disliked tourists. As Brian try to gain Mai’s trust, and to find the Hmong girl for his friend, an unlikely love and bonding also blooms between the two.


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