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Carry On Jeeves once again follows the humorous everyday lives of Bertie Wooster and his gentleman’s gentleman Jeeves. As the helpful soul that he is, Bertie continues to try to come to the aid of his friends whenever they’re in need, and although his intentions are always for the best nothing ever seems to work out quite right for anyone until Jeeves steps in and invariably saves the day.

When his friends are in trouble Bertie is always the first to step forward and offer his assistance, but try as he might he just can’t seem to be as much use as his man Jeeves who can always come up with a plan that will ensure a positive outcome for everyone, especially himself!

The first story in this book heralds the arrival of Jeeves into Bertie’s employment, as a replacement for his previous valet who was of the light fingered variety. It also contains a story from Jeeves’s perspective, a unique insight into the mind of the man who most of Bertie’s friends wish was the one picking out their socks in the morning.


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