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Big white goat mutton khichori/hodgepodge with two wheelchair & 10 family grocery shop for old age, poor & physically challenged unfortunate people of village community.

Fahad brother mother from Dhaka sponsored this full program for her son Birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday Fahad Brother. Wish you long & healthy life.

Today we bought big white goat and two wheelchair and some grocery shop for unfortunate family.

Grandpa cook delicious Bengali style mutton mixed hodgepodge & serve the food to special people of village.

First grandpa processing the goat and cutting the mutton meat into small small pieces. Then they prepared mutton kosha curry with all types spice ingredient.

And also they cooking delicious hodgepodge and in the middle khichdi/hodgepodge cooking they added all the mutton kosha curry.

It is actually recipe of tasty mutton hodgepodge.

After finish cooking 70+ years old 4 grandpa eating together and then make packet of food. Then they visit all of those unfortunate family house and give them precious food packet with grocery shop and they give two person wheelchair. One person has not one leg and another is special child.

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Hope you love the video. Thanks for watching.


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Village Grandpa's Cooking

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