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It is indeed a second world war in the palace of king David (David Osagie) as his two sons, prince Chima (Frederick Leonard) and prince Afam (Onny Michael) are at loggerhead as to who will be the future king. Now a task has been given to them by their father the king. A task that one of them must fulfill in order to become king. A task that will make or mar their quest of becoming the future king. The dice has been cast, there is war in paradise. Who will be the last man standing? Watch as events unfold in this ground breaking royal masterpiece.

STARRING: Frederick Leonard, Luchy Donald, Onny Michael, Quincy Onwuka, Augustine Iloh, Praise Sam Ogan, Desmond Walter, David Osagie, Ngozi Evuka, Frank Tana, Amaka Offor.
PRODUCED BY: Chukwuemeka Chiemerie
DIRECTED BY: Augustine Iloh
COMPANY: Demek Movies Ind. Ltd
YEAR: 2020

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  • Such a wonderful an greatest story of this movie but anyway I like the story because all of my favorite actors and actresses 😘💖🥰💞🌹💘🤲‼️🙏🙏

  • I’ve never seen this Augustine guy plays a serious role in any movie 😂😂😂😂and he’s always on point too🤣
    Let’s appreciate him☺️👏🏽

  • Greetings from USA🇱🇷❤🙏
    i just cant stop watching these Amazing movies,,my heart is so over joyed with happiness!!your movies gives me a chance to experience different emotional feelings!!Fred Leonard is amazing performance!!

    (i rather be a maid in hopes of finding true love,than rich with a bitter heart)

  • I love it and I love the pictures of my new phone and lost it in the next week is fine too if you don't want to y you email them to my room urut rut and a few of my friends and the rest is lerry name and address of where you email it to

  • The Bible clearly stated, " No Greater Love , Hath no man, Than to Lay down his Life for his Friend ! " Prince Afam demonstrated the true definition of such . His characteristics were exhibited, when he willingly volunteered to donate one of his organs ,in the hope of saving the life of the woman he loved. Prince Afam's intelligence and impromptu actions have outmoded his adversaries. Moreso, his brother , Prince Chima . ( Of which ,they were only two.)
    The King, their father had the eyes of an eagle and the intuition/s of a Spiritual Advisor. He was a man of wisdom, " Like Unto ," King Solomon's . His Blessings were also contractual .He ruled an atypical Kingdom. One , that surpassed all ( other ) Kingdoms with longevity and overcame impediments, regardless of adversarial controversies. The King loved his children and wanted the best for them , especially his sons .( Main concern, suitable wives ) He intended for them to be good competitors, great leaders/ rulers with distinctive qualities, discernment and morals to guide them in governing. Brotherly love was foremost and of eminent relevance. Keys to continue building a successful empire ! His resonated words and impressions were emulated by Prince Afam, the exact image of his father. The man, ( father) who took the opportunity, to make sure , that one of his sons marry the woman of his choice. A maiden in whom , he found favour. One, who would make a good wife and mother , but most of all an excellent Queen . Little, did he know , that Prince Afam had met the same maiden prior to his request, and was completely in love with her .
    Can there be growth in anything, we do without God's interference,? No ! The ( only)problem lies in following, His directions. What is the value of money, when attainment of it ,is for purposes of self- indulgence and pretences due to acquisitiveness. " It is better to love and loose, than never to love at all !" Follow the path, that is destined for you, without reservations. Afam's brother, Prince Chima could not sacrifice his life, for a love ,he did not share, or in what, he did not believe. Why should he! He tried to please his mom, but failed miserably. The deception was too burdensome.
    I would ask his mom, the instigator , Did you ever love your son."

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