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There are very many facts about this masterpiece, and some will sound like a myth to you. For example, have you ever heard of a construction brick weighing 10 tons? I guess not. This is one primary reason the great Egyptian pyramids have rightly earned themselves the title of a “wonder. “Even with the highly advanced technology, science has not been able to replicate these pyramids. The only thing they’ve been able to say is that they were constructed …..

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  • The pyramids at Giza should be called Pyramids of the Annunaki.All of Egypt's "ancient knowledge" came from Sumeria or Mesopotamia.After Sumeria was destroyed by Enlil the remaining Annunaki changed their names known to man and commenced life in Egypt picking up where they left off in Sumeria.Toanthrooology and archaeology these are only myths but they are only myths because of their age and the fact that the truth comes from a world(earth)so different from modern man that they cannot imagine these so-called myths being truth but the truth it is.This is the reason for secrecy amongst leadership the world over.Until the truth is accepted and spread across earth we as humans will never realize our true origin or live as a free species in peace.

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