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In the central Afghan city of Ghazni, the Taliban are keen to show they have changed. But as CNN’s Clarissa Ward reports from the ground, brutality is still being seen in the Taliban’s way of justice in Afghanistan.

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  • It is the time to understand the major moral problems of the liberal democracy. People in Afghanistan continue to suffer because the democratic government of the past has created dependency. That means after 20 years corruption, occupation and favoritism, the country is not able to survive without aid. Economic collapse in Afghanistan is something the democratic government has created, because the ex govenment assumed liberal democracy was the solution. Liberal democracy has not been a solution in many places around the globe including Afghanistan. The current government would be far better alternative for Afghanistan than the corrupt state of liberal democracy that could not even provide running water and electricity in rural areas.

  • I wouldn't be against the Taliban if they weren't so brutal to their own people. By brutal, I mean performing cruel acts on people, rape, underage rape, beating in public where children watch these horrors. I don't like that America forced our culture on Afghan people, but the Taliban isn't a saint either. Idc if they restrict people from alcohol and cigars, women from certain professions, it's their religion none of our business. But I think that girls do deserve knowledge and voice. Maybe if the Taliban wasn't so brutal, things wouldn't be so bad. Also, "death to America" is pointless, innocent people didn't do anything, the only ones to blame are the government. America is a good country, it was just given to the wrong and stupid people. Nobody should force their culture and religion. I respect yours so please respect mine. I hope that one day we will all live in a peaceful world.

  • Taliban has never said we hv changed..They are the same as they were 20years back ..Although they hv become soft in those areas of law interpretations where there was a space for ..

  • The spirit in woman giving life is greater than the flesh she gives life to. Eden mans first love he left to worship idols and gods. They force women to invite in the spirit of their god. The woman who doesn't is the woman he takes to his synagogue and shoots for the sake of Eden who lives. Woman is proof of Edens love to give life. Christians do it as a norm willingly but it used to not be willing.

  • Who cares about what is going on in Afghanistan? We gave them 20 years of our time and energy, billions of dollars of our children's future, and gallons of American blood and they squandered it all away. I say to them good day and good riddance, but watch your backs because we have drones in the air.

  • Shouldn't somebody who is involved in the production and upload of these videos have figured out that the volume is way too low and inconsistent with their other videos? It seems like a small thing but if you're watching on a phone with just the phone speaker for audio, it is very difficult to hear anything.

  • Same clarrisa, who said the Taliban are saying 'death to Anerica' when in fact they were saying 'God is Great' such BS propaganda lies.

    The world will learn the true reason why Anerica ousted the Taliban 20 years ago…Taliban are patriotic nationalists who will do wonders for Afghanistan, its neighbour's and the world at large…so long as they are left to their own devices

  • Why would the Taliban like CNN?Their journalist have been selling this war to America for 20 years.After the corporate merger of Raytheon,Lockheed martin and CNN,i cant imagine any Afghan being happy to have them around.

  • 1:57 that look says a lot. Women are also beings like men. How can someone you look down on them so much. Does the Islamic tradition teach about that?

  • how's the security situation? the reason the security was bad before was due to the Taliban car bombing etc. it will be funny for the Taliban to blow up their own high-ranking government personnel as they did with the previous government.

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