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Raja Krishnachandra’s wife’s uncle is on a visit to Krishnanagar and he is spending a quality time while staying in the province. It is Raja Krishnachandra, who himself is taking a good care of his queen’s uncle. However; Raja Krishnachandra is unknowingly making him eat so much that queen’s uncle has fallen ill. The Rajya Vaidya (doctor) is called in but there is no improvement in his health. It is then, queen’s uncle asks the scientist to invent a medicine which will make him immortal. Want to know more. Then stay tuned in and find out here.

About Gopal Bhar:

Gopal Bhar was a legendary court jester in medieval Bengal. He was in the court of Raja Krishnachandra, the famous king of Nadia in the 18th century AD. Such was the genius of Gopal that the King considered him as a Navaratna of his court. His statue can still be seen in the palace of Raja Krishnachandra. Stories about his exploits are narrated in Bengal to this day and are immortalized in countless short stories. The stories are short, beautiful, humorous, and have a specific social message. Gopal Bhar is famous for stories of his wisdom, in which he outwits other fellow courtiers.

#BanglaGolpo #GopalBhar


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