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While we continue to wait for more older Korean movies to be given the blu-ray treatment they deserve, this video takes a look at some of the great older Korean film titles that actually have been given life on the HD format. Also, the video ends by giving a “most wanted” short-list of older Korean movies that have yet to be released on blu-ray.

Top 5 Korean Movie Directors

Sorum (2001) Movie Review

Must Own Korean Movies on Blu-ray

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  • I think Sopyonje is a must watch for those who are really interested in Korean culture and film. Not just because of Pan-sori, but it captures the changing of times in the post war and post colonial Korea, the very Korean concept of "han", filial piety, etc.

    Definitely isn't the most easily digestible film and wouldn't be the best intro to Korean culture, but for those who are already initiated and are interested, it's a must watch! 😛

  • Thanks for the shout out! 😊 I would love to get hold of those Content Zone blu-rays, especially A Tale of Two Sisters and Untold Scandal. By the time I got back into collecting they had already gone out of business 😪 Really beautiful packaging and a great selection of titles. I hear they also released Friend but without English subtitles? Regarding the KOFA they are stunning too. Thanks for shining light on these. My Korean film viewing only really stretches back to 1997/1998 with the exception of the original The Housemaid. Would love to pick that up and the titles you showcased here.

  • Yazz ! Finally a video I can watch… (joking !!) …and why was not "Failan" 파이란 (2001), which did get a nice Blu-ray release, not mentioned ? Aiiigooo….

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