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Who are the Taliban?
The Taliban have been fighting the Afghan government and its allies for decades.
Now the US is pulling its soldiers out of Afghanistan and the Taliban seem stronger than ever.
Who are the Taliban really? And how is it that they have so much power?

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  • It's strange that many think the Taliban won. The Taliban did nothing but small attacks and mobilized children to become suicide bombers. In fact, many members of the Taliban have fled to Pakistan or joined ISIS.
    America is clearly selling power to the Taliban, leaving weapons as a purchase bonus. The Taliban have never won anything in this war.
    In 20 years, American military bases have never been destroyed by the Taliban, and have never been invaded by the Taliban.

  • German Bundeswehr flew out over 22.000 liters of beer but almost none over their afgahn employees such as translaters. Now the embassy isnt even picking up the phone anymore even though these people have visas.

  • Please Taliban come our country, save us from Hasina. We are not in freedom here in Bangladesh. Our muslim schooller face many problem. Hasina govt put them jail or kill them. please sake of us..

  • This war was completely fruitless, the American populace literally gained nothing. The defense contractors and the politician's wallets grow fatter as they use US taxpayer money to bomb families in Afghanistan, only creating more "extremists", while the US soldiers stand guard by the "poppy" fields. The only thing this war did was increase support for the Taliban within Afghanistan, the US completely and utterly failed to establish a democracy and keep corruption levels in check. Which likely wasn't even their goal in the first place anyways, considering the increase in opium production after the original Taliban rule was replaced by the American puppet government.

    They are just weaponizing "women's rights" like they did in Iraq, when they toppled down Saddam's regime and completely destabilized the entirety of Iraq and lied about Iraq's possession of WMDs. If the US genuinely cared about terrorism in Afghanistan, they'd have just accepted Mullah Omar's deal, when he proposed that he'd turn in Osama Bin Laden to the USA if they just provided evidence that he was behind the attack and stopped the bombing of Afghanistan.

    But as always, the war-mongering nation continues its conquest and murder under the facade of equality and democracy. America has become the same oppressor the original Americans fought against back in 1776. God save America.

  • Who are talibans pashtuns go back to 3000 BC to 4000 BC lost tribes of bane Israel. Where they got the spirit. Study and you will find the answers. How they ruined the well equipped army of kabul government and tajiks now Tajikistan. Well explained

  • All these days I was a fool thinking that journalism runs only on money. . . . . But aljazeera has time and again proved it wrong. . . . . Journalism runs on religion and money. . . . .

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