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From Psaki press conference take downs, to pro-insurrectionist rants from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene — here are all the wild things that happened in the wild world of politics this week.
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    For those who claim God actually exists (besides as a concept), consider the following:
    a. An actual eternally existent absolute somethingness truly existing.
    b. An actual eternally existent absolute somethingness that has consciousness, memories and thoughts truly existing.

    People who claim God actually and eternally exists basically are claiming that 'b' above is correct but yet simultaneously seem to be saying that 'a' is impossible to occur.

    'a' above can exist without 'b' existing but 'b' cannot exist unless 'a' exists. Even per the scientific principal of Occam's razor, 'a' is more probable of being really true rather than 'b'.

    I am one step away from proving God's existence, but am unable to find any actual evidence to do so. And nobody I've talked to seems to have any actual evidence of God's actual existence either. All humans appear to have are 'Theories of God'. Some humans appear to go their whole life basing their life upon their specific theory of God. They even at times kill other humans based upon their own theories. Many give their God human characteristics and cannot even prove the existence of their God much less the characteristics given to their God. Some have circumstantial arguments for a God's existence, but others have circumstantial arguments for no God existing. Not one has any actual factual evidence that their God actually factually even exists. Hence, at this time in the analysis, God does not actually exist except for as a concept created by humans for humans. Humans have personified Nature and called that personification "God". It appears many of them are delusional and are believing in fairy tales as if those fairy tales were really true. Instead of what is claimed "God creating man in God's image", it's more likely that "Man created God in Man's image".

    Further consider that if the emotional parts of the brain override the logic and reasoning parts of the brain, people can be made to believe basically anything at all as being really true. Plus modern science has already proven that humans can have visual and audio hallucinations that are very real to that individual. All the more reason for critical thinking being needed and to follow the facts wherever those facts might lead.

    In addition, while modern science does not know what consciousness actually is yet, memories and thoughts appear to require a physical correctly functioning brain to have those items occur. Where is God's brain? Where are God's memories stored at? How are God's memories stored and retrieved? How does God think even a single coherent thought?

    If inside of this space time dimension we appear are existing in, then where?
    If outside of this space time dimension we appear are existing in, then where is the interface between that dimension and this dimension? No such interface has been discovered as of yet as far as I am currently aware of.

    * Note: Since this is a search for the real absolute truth concerning God, Intelligent Designer, Pre-existent Consciousness, etc, feel free to copy and paste this elsewhere to further the analysis and discussion.

  • America is

    23 in education.
    25 in democracy index.
    34 in raising family index.
    37 in healthcare.
    No high-speed train.
    Highest number of homeless people.
    Highest number of incarcerated people.
    78% of people live paycheck to paycheck.

    Stock market is not economy of Americans! Where 90% of money belongs to top 10% of the population, it's wallet for the rich.

    Let's talk like adults, instead of name calling.

    I have left the proof on my playlist, if you would like to check!

    Let's make our country better together. . . . . .

  • "im a tax paying, law-abiding American citizen" is the one sentence that literally tells me all I need to about you as human being because those who boast about that tend to be the ones who destroy the image of America. I pity y'all… I cry for y'all, America.

  • This lady is such a disgusting human being! As a black woman MTG I don’t want anything to do with the same god you keep proclaiming!

  • You want to know what blows my mind … why are the democrat voters sitting back not saying a word? If my vote was in danger of being tossed out, I would definitely be standing up for my rights. Where are all the Arizona Dems? Are you just going to sit back and let this happen? Make your voices heard people … don't get taken out by the mutant ninja turtles!!!!

  • Just asking….What do you think MTG will do next? Nobody is stopping her? What will this look like as it escalates? Let me know your thoughts.

  • Kremlin Kruz doesn't deserve to be on any committee. All of the Qanon supporters in office only attend these meetings to disrupt the topics being discussed. This is exactly why a 911 style investigation needs to be done ASAP. They are all refusing it because they are guilty of a corrupt coverup … all roads lead to MaraBloggo!!!

  • Did she not graduate from high school? Was she bullied? She has some kind of ugliness inside her that needs to come out. But what she is doing to these other women shows that she only go after what she think is week! Mrs. Pelosi, this kind of behavior doesn’t belong in this type of work environment . If private companies can fire an employee for intimidation towards coworkers, then why can’t the government do the same? MTG will go down in history along with Trump for being the best Con-artist to infiltrate the white house !

  • Left off the list is that Biden’s chosen CDC director & Fauci both said Covid likely came from the Wuhan lab & CDC directed no more need for masks when TX, FL were way ahead of the curve while Biden referred to it as Neanderthal thinking and then came out of his crypt without a mask. Then, the released video of Trump supporters peacefully being welcomed into the capital by the police. Bill Gates’, champion of the left and depopulation advocate turned out to be pedophile with ties to Epstein. Finally the Maderna ‘vaccine’ contains SM-102 which is a toxic oil that was never intended for human use and is causing health repercussions. Conveniently left all that off the list 🤣🤣🤣

  • Love HER! butter wouldn't melt in her mouth – the old fashioned phrase needs to be revived just for Jen Psaki!! Cool is an understatement!!

  • just for giggles…….does the private trump-supporters capital stormer staff members of this firma makes list, that could identify people in arizona to vote for a specific party……like….you know….identify the democratic voters…for….you know……a witchhunt.

  • So the GOP are perfectly happy with this clown representing them, people actually voted for Greene and the GOP are fine with it. How is anyone supposed to take them seriously as professionals doing a job, when this is who they are?

  • One of the men with Margarine Tater Greene was filmed inside the Capitol on Jan 6th! And they knew how to get to AOC's office! QOP down play what happened that day. What if 1 of them were murdered? Hung? Taken captive & tortured?

  • I normally really enjoy Now This News but at 8:03 the transcription used the slang "wanna" instead of "want to." Really? A senator used the word "wanna?" Edit: Never mind, in the next clip a senator clearly uses the slang "gonna." WTF?

  • The insane has hijacked the Congress! The sane need to swarm the polls, no matter how difficult the GOP makes it to vote, & take back control of our country.

  • Exactly who is being a child, MTG? What a depraved and demented individual. And to hear she has actually procreated, or, more appropriately, spawned.

  • As to who killed Ashli Babbitt? She, herself. By not heeding the warnings of law enforcement and deciding to charge the door by jumping through the broken window, she made herself a perpetrator, who was fatally wounded by an officer doing his duty to serve and protect. As a military service member, she should've been well aware of the dangerous circumstances and potentially lethal outcomes of the situation she chose to participate, and place herself, within. Also as a member of the military, she took an oath to uphold the same principles and responsibilities as those of the officer, when he was sworn into duty.

    As for her family, suffice it to say, their daughter was killed while committing an unlawful act. Though identifying an officer is commonly done by departmental officials, in this particular case, to do so could very well put his life, and that of his family, in danger of misguided retribution or misinformed retaliation.

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