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German Kabaret with Hill’s Angels Mit Otto Schtuk und die Bavarian Schtompers. The Angels dance to a bavarian style tune wearing German costumes with shorts. Johnny Hutch plays tuba and Bob Todd hangs his underwear on Jon Jon Keefe’s trombone. Benny and Johnny Hutch do a hand-slapping and clapping routine that Benny did with Jackie Wright years before. Then, Benny, Henry, Bob, Jon Jon, Johnny Hutch and Lorraine Doyle do a dance wearing bells of different pitch are attached to their legs and arms. Their movements to the music create the tune. Lorraine Doyle wears a set of bells on her “chest”! Lorraine only shakes when Benny can’t see her. Then, Sue Upton and Benny do a Laurel and Hardy routine, with Sue eating her clarinet and Benny sitting on his trumpet and squashing it. At the end the girls are thrown tambourines and dance and shake them. Finally, Benny comes out and does some fancy stuff with a tambourine.

April 5, 1989

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